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A History of Five Corners


Five Corners Convention is the result of an idea by three members who cared for those less fortunate than themselves.


Wade (better known as Black Cat), Martha, and Mickey were discussing the high cost of putting on conventions and the fact that some members could not afford the registration fees and other costs.


They thought that since five states (MO, KY, IL, AR, TN) cornered just a short distance from Sikeston, Missouri, that it might be possible to have a convention in Sikeston and invite speakers who live short distances away in each of the five states who were willing to pay their own expenses.


The convention would charge NO registration fee and just pass the hat for expenses.


The first convention was held in December 1981 and was successful. There has been a convention each year since 1981. We still just pass the hat for expenses. For the next 20 years, the convention was lovingly cared for by Leon M. of Dexter, Missouri, the real "Father of Five Corners".


The convention gets better each year. We hope you can come and enjoy it with us.


- The Committee

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