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9:30 a.m. AA Speaker

Chad S. - Breman, KY


11:15 a.m. AA Speaker

Gina F. - Memphis, TN

Chair: Ralph M. Olive Branch, MO


12:15 p.m. Noon Break


2:00-3:15 p.m. AA Speaker

Glenn D. - Little Rock, AA

Chair: Troy N. - Pocahontas, AR


3:15 p.m. Al-Anon Meeting


6:15 p.m. Banquet ($20.00 A Ticket)


8:00 p.m. AA Speaker

Chris S. - Columbia, IL

Chair: Doug T. - Red Bud, IL


9:30 p.m. - ??

FREE! "Black Cats" Bingo

Saturday, Feb. 18th

Entire Convention Is Non-Smoking

five corners convention flyer_10-17-22.jpg

Download Flyer

Bring A Bingo Prize for FREE Bingo, If You Can.

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